Why Pack10 Natural & Organic Pet Food?

Pack10 Natural & Organic Pet Food & Treats makes chemical free, whole ingredient meals & treats for dogs & cats.  Our products are always gluten free, made without chemicals, colorants, rendering/processing, fillers, synthetic vitamins/minerals or preservatives.  We use USDA certified ingredients, and USDA certified organic ingredients, including our proteins which are USDA Certified, USDA Certified American GrassFed, and USDA Certified Organic.  Many of our proteins are sourced locally (Lamb, Pork, Beef) in Longmont, CO.  Pack10 is based in Golden, Colorado where we use fresh Colorado Rocky Mountain Spring water – leaving the chlorine out of your pets food too!  Our recipes are tailored more towards a canine’s ancestral diet:  56% Protein, 22-30% Fat, and 12% Carbohydrates.
What our 4-legged customers experience and why Pack10 is so much healthier for your pet!  Think Fresh vs. Processed.  USDA Certified protein & healthy fats vs. “not fit for human consumption commercial ingredients.”  No sugary carbohydrates (not intended for carnivores) …No matter how much you are spending or what brand you buy, commercial pet food is heavily processed, full of carbohydrates, and in most cases 90% of the ingredients, including supplements, come from China.  The pet food industry is NOT regulated. The supplement industry for humans & pets is NOT regulated.   Pack10 Natural Pet Foods help picky eaters become anticipatory eaters because they can smell and taste the non-processed proteins.  Bad breath and teeth clear up – no sugary carbohydrates in our food!  Skin issues resolve & coats improve dramatically because the natural vitamins & minerals within the ingredients are absorbed.  Poop (everyone loves this!) is reduced to about 1/2 because your pet is absorbing wholesome, quality nutrition, and finally, your pet will stop guzzling water!

We’ve been working with dogs, cats and their owners in our community to help improve the nutritional quality of pet food by providing fresh, natural and organic meat and vegetable-based meals. Some of the dogs we serve have overcome obesity, skin and coat problems, stomach problems and dental and bad breath problems.  We’ve helped frustrated pet owners with their picky eaters! 

At Pack10, we offer foods your pet loves the taste of and at the same time offers valuable nutrition. At Pack10 we want to bring out the “inner wolf” in your canine. Dogs are not that far removed from their ancestral wolves, and in the wild would first consume the best parts (nutrient content) of their prey: lungs, liver, heart, which are very different from the meats that humans prefer.

For Cats, we know that the “inner lion” also craves ungulates (hoved animal meat & internal organs).  Cats are obligate carnivores and can only benefit from protein (meat).  Everything else just passes though to the litter box, but along the way, puts the liver, kidneys and other major organs to task.  At Pack10 , we offer the best option in natural USDA Certified meats for your feline by providing organic, grassfed, hormone-free, antibiotic-free proteins.  All of which are preservative-free, additive-free and colorant-free.   Cats also require 70% of their diet in moisture.  The meals we prepare for both dogs and cats are always moist.  In nature neither dogs or cats would eat a dry diet. 

The proteins we use in all of our meals at Pack10 are gently but thoroughly cooked. The vegetables we use,  however, never are.  Our vegetables are fresh and raw when we blend them into our meals so that they retain and offer the highest vitamin, mineral and fiber content for your pet.  We offer a variety of both natural and organic choices.


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