Thank you for a fabulous 2014 & what’s ahead in 2015

We want to say THANK YOU in a BIG way to our fabulous customers for an exciting and successful Pack10 Natural launch year in 2014. We look forward to exciting new growth opportunities, and new product launches in 2015! Our mission is always to provide the best option in fresh nutrition for cats & dogs! We are not and will not ever become a “processed-foods” company. Your pets nutrition is safe with us!
Successes in 2014 include:
* Officially launching our company and company website in August with 11 types of canine protein meals, 4 varieties of dog treats, 11 varieties of medicine ball, our ever popular bEGGin’ breakfast egg meal, and 4 all-organic protein meals for cats.
* Making all of our dog-treat recipes gluten free after discovering that so many of our dog customers are gluten intolerant.
* Creating our fourth insanely delicious treat called Chicken-Chunk Pumpkin treats – gluten free, of course! Your canine probably LOVES pumpkin as much as we think they do!  AND, pumpkin is packed full of great nutrition!
* Product shipments to: Indiana, Washington, Pennsylvania, Florida.
* 90% customer retention rate! 🙂

Exciting endeavors for us in 2015:
* Provide an automatic “reorder” module through our website.
* Beginning in just a few days (January), we will be making the following nutrition changes: 20% increase in protein to our canine meal recipes. Adding crushed egg shells to canine meals and treats for an additional source of natural calcium. Calcium is a huge component of canine nutrition. Changing the use of olive oil in our cat & dog recipes to safflower oil because it offers greater health benefits and better nutrition for dogs and cats.
* Launching a catnip laced cat treat. 🙂 fun! fun!
* Opening a retail establishment – Boulder, Colorado.

Ongoing… we are always listening to our customers, and helping them solve some of the nutritional challenges their pets face. Please continue asking questions and providing feedback! We are also on the look out for a more environmentally friendly packaging solution.

Thanks again and happy New Year!