Eddie – Something in my food was making me so sick!

IMG_0591 (2) 

It’s been almost a year since I received a call from Eddie’s owner late one Friday evening!  Eddie had been throwing up his food for months and it wasn’t getting better.  Even after frequent trips to the vet,  prescription pet food, and sensitive stomach food, Eddie could not keep his food down.  Eddie’s owner was in a panic because she and Eddie were leaving for Michigan the next day, and Eddie wasn’t doing well!  We asked Eddie’s owner to read the pet food label/ingredient panel to us from a couple of the pet foods Eddie had been eating & that’s when we decided to give Pack10 Meals & treats a try.   The ingredient that stood out the most to us was gluten (wheat gluten is a protein that can trigger an allergy or cause digestive problems) it can be described as wheat, rye, barley, and plain ‘gluten’ itself.  Even prescription pet food can contain gluten!  The second problem we are seeing in smaller to mid-size dogs is that they are sensitive to the way proteins (meats) are processed/rendered/treated with commercial pet food.

Pack10 delivered Eddies Meals & Treats the next day, and Eddie and his owner were off to Michigan.

In a few days we received word that Eddie was keeping his food down, and even better, “loving it!”

It’s been almost a year!  Eddie eats Pack1o Meals exclusively, save a snack or two of table food!

We’re so happy we’ve had the opportunity to yet again improve the life of a pet and his owner!

Happy Tails, Eddy!