American Grassfed Certified Lamb, Pork, Beef!

At Pack10 it is important for us to use local, sustainable, ethically raised and treated animal protein.

The American Grassfed Association defines grassfed products from ruminants, including cattle, bison, goats and sheep, as those food products from animals that have eaten nothing but their mother’s milk and fresh grass or grass-type hay from birth to harvest – all their lives.  They are also raised with no confinement and no antibiotics or hormones, and must be born and raised in the USA

.american grassfed

Longmont – TheBuckner family has set the standard for truly free range 100% grass-fed beef that is extraordinarily lean and flavorful but more than that they raise all of their animals so thoughtfully that they have achieved AWA Certification, which is the most rigorous humane certification out there.


Comparing Pack10’s Protein, Fat & Fiber content.

The trickery in Pet Food Labeling… Dry vs. Moist Food Nutrition Information:
Protein, Fat, Fiber, etc. typically appear to be greater in dry pet foods vs. that of moist pet food. In reality – it’s the other way around. Moist food converted to dry typically yields a higher protein, fat, fiber, etc. content than dry. Using a calculation to eliminate the water, here’s how our Moist food converts:
Pack10’s K-9 Organic Ground Beef Recipe contains (required labeling for moist food):
Protein 8.1
Moisture 78.1
Fat 5
Fiber 1.1
If we Converted our product to dry, our labeling content would look like this:
Protein 36.99%
Moisture 4.5%
Fat 22.83%
Fiber 5.02%
So, if you’re comparing Dry to Wet, especially protein – you need to convert to a common denominator by removing the moisture content.
Two VERY IMPORTANT elements to keep in mind when considering Protein and Fat.
1.  The QUALITY of the protein used and how it’s processed (in our case to retain it’s nutrition).  Cats and dogs, being the carnivores that they are, require good quality protein & fat to be healthy.  There is no substitute.  Plant based proteins do not provide the same benefit, and cannot be a substitute.
2. Our K-9 Meals Protein to Fat Ratio varies and there is a reason for that.  Some dogs are sensitive to higher fat content.  Eg. Our K-9 Turkey meals are super lean, as are our K-9 Elk Meals.  Dogs who are susceptible to pancreatitis look for those types of meals for their dogs and we have customers who have success with the low fat content of these meals.
Furthermore – Pack10 designs recipes that more closely resemble their ancestral diet.