Know the conversion! Dry vs. Wet!

The conversion of protein, fat & carb content on dry dog food is very different than that same measurement on wet:
Our labeling for WET – *See equivalent conversion, next section if you want to compare our food to dry content:
Protein 8.1
Moisture 78.1
Fat 5
Fiber 1.1
When Converting our product to dry, our labeling content would look like this:
Protein 36.99%
Moisture 4.5%
Fat 22.83%
Fiber 5.02%

The Pack’s Efforts on Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Achieving sustainability goals at Pack10. Did you know that 77% of the protein we source comes from farmers who have a paramount interest in chemical free, grass fed, socially responsible husbandry and agriculture? After all, when it comes down to what we do to feed our pets, we are sacrificing the life of one animal to feed another. Being socially and morally responsible for the lives of all creatures is first and foremost in our recipe book! Every ingredient that comprises our recipes is all, or almost all of these: is always a whole ingredient, is organic, is non-GMO, and is always USDA certified quality. Our products are gently cooked, and never treated with chemicals.
We also have an ongoing quest for packaging sustainability. We use paper products when packing out our shipments (no Styrofoam). Our cat food meals are packaged in compostable (made from corn) 2 oz. containers. We are still being challenged by our K-9 packaging, but continue to look for better alternatives to leak proof, frustration free packaging. We are committed to responsible, low or no footprint, positive social and environmental impact.