No Fish! Fish is NOT a species appropriate diet for cats or dogs: In cats = proven to cause urinary inflammatory disease

Fish has been proven to cause urinary inflammatory disease in cats and can be deadly (particularly in male cats), by inflaming and blocking the urethra.  Pack10 does not use fish by-product in any K-9 or Feline meals/treats.

In nature, neither Mountain Lions, Wolves, or Coyotes fish!  There have been isolated observations of Wolves foraging in shallow streams for wallowing fish, but generally, fish is not a species appropriate protein in K-9 or feline diets.

Note that in commercial pet food, the fish protein content is generally made up of by-product waste, and must be rendered and chemically treated to eliminate hazardous bacteria & smell.  i.e. “fish meal” ingredient component.

**Q (Image) is our $5,000 cat.  After feeding fish for a 12 day period, he developed an emergency urinary blockage.  Proof that Fish can kill cats!  Q is alive today, and has NOT had any fish since his blockage.  Many vets will recommend surgery to enlarge the urethra, which would have put us at $8,000 – but we have simply restricted fish from his diet and he has not experienced any urinary issues since.  It is shocking how few veterinarians know anything about the cause of this inflammatory response in cats.

A dog’s sense of smell is 1000X greater than a humans! Trust that!

These 3 have never eaten together until Pack10 K-9 Meals. One was hand fed – one kibble at a time, and the other two in separate rooms, one at a time. Dogs are weird about food when the food is weird. For the most part, a dog can smell the chemical composition of dry kibble and question it. *Remember, dogs have a sense of smell 1000x greater than a humans. We should trust that! Now, on Pack10 food, they all eat together, at the same time. No hand feeding – and the food is gone!