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Rice is our Choice Carbohydrate because….

First and foremost we needed a nutritional component that would absorb all of the delicious broth that comes from the meat that we gently cook. Additionally, rice is a gluten-free, low glycemic load carbohydrate.  We certainly don’t want your pet to be jacked up on sugar, like most other carbohydrates.  

Better than prescription pet food!

We get this kind of feedback a lot.  Prescription pet food has very little natural nutrition.  Synthetic/artificial vitamins/minerals are not easily absorbed by a body, as well, the ingredients are so bland they don’t actually contain any nutrients either.  When you have a sick animal that is not eating, it’s a priority to get them […]

The Skinny on FAT for Dogs (their energy source)

A HUGE amount of healthy, fresh fat is required as part of the nutritional requirement for dogs.   25-30% of a dog’s calorie intake should be from fresh trim.  Dogs LOVE fresh trim.  It’s highly palatable to them.  You won’t find this in dry kibble, no matter how much top dry brand costs.  Trim fat has […]

No Fish! Fish is NOT a species appropriate diet for cats or dogs: In cats = proven to cause urinary inflammatory disease

Fish has been proven to cause urinary inflammatory disease in cats and can be deadly (particularly in male cats), by inflaming and blocking the urethra.  Pack10 does not use fish by-product in any K-9 or Feline meals/treats. In nature, neither Mountain Lions, Wolves, or Coyotes fish!  There have been isolated observations of Wolves foraging in […]