Better than prescription pet food!

We get this kind of feedback a lot.  Prescription pet food has very little natural nutrition.  Synthetic/artificial vitamins/minerals are not easily absorbed by a body, as well, the ingredients are so bland they don’t actually contain any nutrients either.  When you have a sick animal that is not eating, it’s a priority to get them to eat, and to get some quality nutrition in their system to help bolster the immune system:

I just wanted to say thank you for helping out our little Maya with your wonderful food!  She has lymphoma and has been going through chemo since March.  She had almost stopped eating the prescription food she was on and I was actually attempting to spoon feed her her meals when Mary Beth recommended we try your food.  I had our vet look over the food labels and she said to give it a try.  Ever since then she has been eating on her own very eagerly because she loves the food!  She has gained a pound and a half and her last two chemo treatments seemed much easier on her, probably because she was feeling stronger!

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how thankful we are that Maya is feeling better and it’s all thanks to your food!

Have a wonderful day!

Neerja C.
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