I want to feed my dog/cat just one protein…. but, that doesn’t really work for them!!

Regarding both cats & dogs ~ because every animal is different (just like people), there is no once size fits all regarding the amount to feed or the protein to feed.  There are guidelines provided by commercial pet food companies (but there are a ton of ingredients in that bag that your animal will never benefit from, and there is little to no quality nutrition to absorb), but you will most definitely want to pay attention to each individual animal.  If you have two cats,  one of your cats likes beef and the other likes chicken, I would not deprive the cat that likes beef from beef and the other from chicken just because feeding only one protein is more convenient.  Different proteins offer different nutrients, and each animal knows what nutrients suite them best.  Trust what your animals are telling you!   Feeding a variety of proteins (because again all proteins are all different and offer different nutrition), offers your animals the best opportunity at a wide range of nutrients.  Animals that eat only one protein are deprived of essential nutrients offered by the other proteins they are not getting.  … eventually, their tastes may change, and you should watch for that, because that is an indication that they are searching for a different nutrient (protein).  Hence, trying to get to ONLY one protein because that would make it convenient (for you), doesn’t really work for them.
The commercial pet food industry USED to tell you to feed only one protein (because they wanted you to return and purchase their product only) wants you to think there is some sort of magical formula for feeding a cat, dog, pig, whatever – do you follow a set prescription for yourself?  Your children?   Carnivores eat meat.  There is no mystery to it.  It is not a chemistry experiment to feed a carnivore.  When an animal is satisfied with the nutrient content, they’ll stop eating, won’t be over weight, won’t have rotten teeth or bad breath, won’t poop volumes, and will most certainly let you know when they would like to be fed again.  When feeding a high quality diet, you don’t need the volume that is suggested on the package of commercial pet food.  You MUST pay attention to your animals size, energy, coat, and interest in the food.

The Skinny on FAT for Dogs (their energy source)

A HUGE amount of healthy, fresh fat is required as part of the nutritional requirement for dogs.   25-30% of a dog’s calorie intake should be from fresh trim.  Dogs LOVE fresh trim.  It’s highly palatable to them.  You won’t find this in dry kibble, no matter how much top dry brand costs.  Trim fat has a very short shelf life and is difficult to preserve without adding tons of chemicals.  Fresh trim helps keep your dog lean – Here’s why:

Unlike humans, dogs use fresh healthy fat as their energy source.  Healthy fats are essential for every aspect of your animal’s health.  @ Pack10 we use mostly fresh trim fat (animal – from local organic farms in Colorado), as well as Non-GMO olive and safflower oils that are nutrient rich in omegas..  It is the high-sugar carbohydrate component in foods, not the fat content, that causes obesity in pets, and is the leading cause of diabetes, & dental decay/bad breath in dogs & cats.

Pack10’s Commitment to sustainability – Packaging!

By the year 2020 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish :-(.  This fact makes us incredibly sad!

Every aspect of our cat food packaging is compostable.. .all the way down to the 2oz containers, which are made from corn.

In 2017 we switched our K-9 Meals from vac-seal (non-biodegradable, non-recyclable) bags to compostable tubs with recyclable lids.  

Pack10’s Production Facility in Golden, Colorado.

Pack10’s production facility in Golden, Colorado.

@ Pack10 we make hand crafted meals & snacks for dogs and cats – using only USDA Certified Ingredients.

No Fish! Fish is NOT a species appropriate diet for cats or dogs: In cats = proven to cause urinary inflammatory disease

Fish has been proven to cause urinary inflammatory disease in cats and can be deadly (particularly in male cats), by inflaming and blocking the urethra.  Pack10 does not use fish by-product in any K-9 or Feline meals/treats.

In nature, neither Mountain Lions, Wolves, or Coyotes fish!  There have been isolated observations of Wolves foraging in shallow streams for wallowing fish, but generally, fish is not a species appropriate protein in K-9 or feline diets.

Note that in commercial pet food, the fish protein content is generally made up of by-product waste, and must be rendered and chemically treated to eliminate hazardous bacteria & smell.  i.e. “fish meal” ingredient component.

**Q (Image) is our $5,000 cat.  After feeding fish for a 12 day period, he developed an emergency urinary blockage.  Proof that Fish can kill cats!  Q is alive today, and has NOT had any fish since his blockage.  Many vets will recommend surgery to enlarge the urethra, which would have put us at $8,000 – but we have simply restricted fish from his diet and he has not experienced any urinary issues since.  It is shocking how few veterinarians know anything about the cause of this inflammatory response in cats.

A dog’s sense of smell is 1000X greater than a humans! Trust that!

These 3 have never eaten together until Pack10 K-9 Meals. One was hand fed – one kibble at a time, and the other two in separate rooms, one at a time. Dogs are weird about food when the food is weird. For the most part, a dog can smell the chemical composition of dry kibble and question it. *Remember, dogs have a sense of smell 1000x greater than a humans. We should trust that! Now, on Pack10 food, they all eat together, at the same time. No hand feeding – and the food is gone!

Testimonial – how much were you paying for itching & scratching?

Hi!  I’m Padme, Padi for short!  My name means “Princess of Compassion”!   About one year ago, I started itching and scratching and just could not stop.  Andy and Cindy (my dear owners) could not figure out what was wrong with me.  They felt bad for me because they love me and I felt bad for them because I would wake them up in the middle of the night scratching.  They had to take my collar off at night just so they could sleep.  But they were worried about me.  That’s when they met Wanda, Pack10 Owner!  We call her Aunt Wanda.  She explained to my owners that I was allergic to the food they were feeding me.  Aunt Wanda said I had developed an allergy to the food I was eating and just could not get any relief.  Plus, I had gained weight and we all know how that feels as a female to put on weight.


Andy and Cindy just could not believe the high-end, expensive, commercial dog food they had been feeding their sweet little princess was full of fillers and things they wouldn’t eat or wouldn’t feed their children, so why were they feeding it to me, their beloved dog?!?   They thought they were feeding me the best out there.  They switched me to Pack10 immediately!   Within one month of eating Pack10’s dog food, I was allergy free!  Yippee!  No more itching and scratching!  I lost all the weight I needed to, my coat was all shiny again and I stopped aging so fast!  I felt satisfied by my food was able to be active again!

So, if your owners think they are feeding you the best dog food out there, you might want to tell them to call Pack10 just to be sure!      

Thank you Pack10!


Padi, Andy and Cindy

Mountain Lion = Your Cat = Obligate Carnivore

Mountain Lion = Your Cat = Obligate Carnivore. Obligate carnivores require 70% of their diet in moisture. Nutritionally, a cat benefits from the nutrients found in meat protein, but not much else. If your litter box is full of waste – that’s the #1 sign your cat is not able to utilize the ingredients in the food it is eating. A cat on a species appropriate, meat protein diet will utilize almost all of the nutrients, and very little will be discarded in the litter box. Pack10 makes all protein M.I.C.E. meals for cats, called Meat-Ingredient-Cat-Essentials. 

“Real Food” for pets… Yes – that’s our number one goal – to re-educate the consumer!!

Since when did dry kibble ever become an acceptable feed for dogs & cats?  Does it grow from the ground?  Does it grow in a tree?  Does mother nature make it from scratch?  No!  None of the above!  Commercial pet food is a human made product (think of any highly processed food product), engineered with chemicals to preserve animal byproducts and treat bacteria for a 20 year shelf life.  It contains colorants, so every kibble is uniformly colored, and it is chemically enhanced with flavorings, because with out it, your pet wouldn’t go near it, let alone eat it!

” I don’t feed my pet “real food!” Sadly, we hear that sometimes… Pack10 K-9 & Feline meals provide the best nutrition you can buy for your pet! We know this because the REAL meat protein & fats we use in our products are what dogs & cats require for disease-free health. Our products contain moist, fresh, USDA quality ingredients & meats – gently cooked, but never treated with chemicals. Pack10 meals & treats are superior to products that contain dozens of artificial vitamins or minerals that make the “complete & balanced” claim (because the actual ingredients in those products contain little nutritional value). We believe real, fresh, whole ingredients that contain natural, digestible, vitamins & minerals are the keys to disease-free pet health! Pack10 meals & treats provide superior nutrition for all life stages!
Made freshly in Golden, Colorado, with ingredients you can see!

Echo & Teka:  Dogs who eat “real food!”


Regarding how much to feed:  Every animal is different!  Start with what you normally feed (our CAT meals come in 2 oz servings; and that is typically one meal),  Your cat will tell you if he/she is hungry/wants more if you are not free-feeding.  The very BEST way to tell how much to feed is by looking at the animal  (see Chart for Dogs & Chart for Cats) – There is no one standard serving size from one animal to the next (Just like with people – imagine that)!  Hence the reason there is an obesity epidemic among animals whose owners follow the feeding guidelines outlined by commercial pet food companies.  The animals size, activity level, age, metabolism, and type of food all need to be considered.  The reason commercial pet food companies provide that guideline is likely because that is how much an animal needs to eat (of their food) just to get minimum nutrition.   (most commercial pet food is very little food and  a ton of synthetic vitamins & minerals in order to accommodate the “Complete & Balanced” claim).   *** Remember dogs and cats are carnivores.  If they are eating a regular source of fresh meats & fat, they are getting far better nutrition than any dry food ‘meat’ product that is engineered to sit on a shelf for 20 years or more.