Thanks for bringing the food by yesterday!!

My little guy was neutered yesterday…when I picked him up I was telling him about switching their food from raw to yours.

He and their receptionist said that you had come by a while back to talk to them.  It is Dr. Jeff at Homeward Bound, off Indiana in Arvada.

He was very complimentary of you and said that he definitely felt that you knew exactly what you were doing with your food recipes!!! He said that he would even have thought about promoting your food, but no room for a freezer.  He agreed that I made the best choice for the dogs in changing their food and that he had all the confidence that I was feeding the best food I could to them.  Didn’t doubt that, but we had started talking about the craziness I dealt with over the food with the breeder, and that is how we got on the conversation of food.  He 100% supports the decision to feed your food.

Thought I would share with you, he is a fantastic vet and cares so much about the animals.  I also told him about the change in Tim’s dogs, he had known that he took them off the prescription but I wanted to tell him the difference in the dogs.

He asked me to keep him posted on if you open a retail space, he said he would love to support telling folks about it.

Mu Shu & Mu Lan… happily transitioned to Pack10 Pet Food & Treats.

Again, just thought you would want to know what he said.

And the turkey treats…dogs stand by the fridge and start drooling when I get the bag out ?