Refrigerator Pals – Knowing where the best food comes from by Willow, Dallas & their owner, Beth.

I love that I know where the ingredients come from and that many are organic, non-GMO, and all are USDA certified ingredients.

I love that the dogs now come in after morning potty and go and sit by the refrigerator (where Pack10 food is kept), same thing about 5pm in the evening, they are sitting there again and do a happy dance when I get out the container.

The dogs lick everything clean, including the floor just in case anything dropped.

I have attached the picture I showed you and another one that was just too cute to not.

Thanks!  B.C.

Editor’s notes:  What I like best about these two – no tear stains or jowl stains on their faces ? and that these dogs are the appropriate weight.

Our Biggest Losers are our Happiest Customers!

Today & everyday we are transforming the health of our customer’s pets! Padi – before & after. The nutritional content of our meals and treats can change the life of your pet! Padi, in her new skin, is almost unrecognizable! Consider joining our Pack :-)!


Meet the New Isis!

Meet the new Isis! It’s all about the quality of the food! Dogs need high protein, high fat diets (not sugary carbohydrates). Low calorie, high carbohydrate, prescription diet formulas just don’t work! Ask our customers!

“The most important thing about Isis journey is the the fact that she can now carry herself and not throw out her ankles also they told her her back end is riddled in arthritis and she would have to take rimadyl and other pain meds for the rest of her life and that she would probably have to just take it easy forever…now she runs and jumps and plays like a puppy!!!!”


Know the conversion! Dry vs. Wet!

The conversion of protein, fat & carb content on dry dog food is very different than that same measurement on wet:
Our labeling for WET – *See equivalent conversion, next section if you want to compare our food to dry content:
Protein 8.1
Moisture 78.1
Fat 5
Fiber 1.1
When Converting our product to dry, our labeling content would look like this:
Protein 36.99%
Moisture 4.5%
Fat 22.83%
Fiber 5.02%

The bad news about supplementing your pets diet – Cats

“It is possible to have “too much of a good thing” when it comes to vitamins and minerals; the use of supplements not only is unnecessary but also can be potentially dangerous to your pet’s health. A key point to remember is that cats are neither small dogs nor people. Because of cats’ unique metabolism, what might be good for you might be detrimental to your cat. A high-quality cat food assures an adequate supply of vitamins and minerals in your cat’s diet; supplements should never be added without a veterinarian’s approval.”

?? How many supplements are in your cat’s food??  Check the label.  Synthetic supplements are usually present when the actual food ingredients are lacking in natural nutrition, mostly because they’ve been processed out in the heat, pressure & or drying process.


Cornell University, College of Veterinary Medicine:

Brownie – looking for more Pack10 Chemical – Free, all protein nutrition for obligate carnivores

brownie looking for Pack10 food

Cats, unlike dogs, have never evolved to be able to benefit from fruit, vegetable, or carbohydrate nutrition. They can only process, benefit and digest protein, hence, “obligate carnivore.”  Everything else is difficult for cats to process, and is usually found in the litter box, or worse, causes medical problems.