Regarding how much to feed:  Every animal is different!  Start with what you normally feed (our CAT meals come in 2 oz servings; and that is typically one meal),  Your cat will tell you if he/she is hungry/wants more if you are not free-feeding.  The very BEST way to tell how much to feed is by looking at the animal  (see Chart for Dogs & Chart for Cats) – There is no one standard serving size from one animal to the next (Just like with people – imagine that)!  Hence the reason there is an obesity epidemic among animals whose owners follow the feeding guidelines outlined by commercial pet food companies.  The animals size, activity level, age, metabolism, and type of food all need to be considered.  The reason commercial pet food companies provide that guideline is likely because that is how much an animal needs to eat (of their food) just to get minimum nutrition.   (most commercial pet food is very little food and  a ton of synthetic vitamins & minerals in order to accommodate the “Complete & Balanced” claim).   *** Remember dogs and cats are carnivores.  If they are eating a regular source of fresh meats & fat, they are getting far better nutrition than any dry food ‘meat’ product that is engineered to sit on a shelf for 20 years or more.




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