“Real Food” for pets… Yes – that’s our number one goal – to re-educate the consumer!!

Since when did dry kibble ever become an acceptable feed for dogs & cats?  Does it grow from the ground?  Does it grow in a tree?  Does mother nature make it from scratch?  No!  None of the above!  Commercial pet food is a human made product (think of any highly processed food product), engineered with chemicals to preserve animal byproducts and treat bacteria for a 20 year shelf life.  It contains colorants, so every kibble is uniformly colored, and it is chemically enhanced with flavorings, because with out it, your pet wouldn’t go near it, let alone eat it!

” I don’t feed my pet “real food!” Sadly, we hear that sometimes… Pack10 K-9 & Feline meals provide the best nutrition you can buy for your pet! We know this because the REAL meat protein & fats we use in our products are what dogs & cats require for disease-free health. Our products contain moist, fresh, USDA quality ingredients & meats – gently cooked, but never treated with chemicals. Pack10 meals & treats are superior to products that contain dozens of artificial vitamins or minerals that make the “complete & balanced” claim (because the actual ingredients in those products contain little nutritional value). We believe real, fresh, whole ingredients that contain natural, digestible, vitamins & minerals are the keys to disease-free pet health! Pack10 meals & treats provide superior nutrition for all life stages!
Made freshly in Golden, Colorado, with ingredients you can see!

Echo & Teka:  Dogs who eat “real food!”

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