Refrigerator Pals – Knowing where the best food comes from by Willow, Dallas & their owner, Beth.

I love that I know where the ingredients come from and that many are organic, non-GMO, and all are USDA certified ingredients.

I love that the dogs now come in after morning potty and go and sit by the refrigerator (where Pack10 food is kept), same thing about 5pm in the evening, they are sitting there again and do a happy dance when I get out the container.

The dogs lick everything clean, including the floor just in case anything dropped.

I have attached the picture I showed you and another one that was just too cute to not.

Thanks!  B.C.

Editor’s notes:  What I like best about these two – no tear stains or jowl stains on their faces ? and that these dogs are the appropriate weight.

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