Testimonial – how much were you paying for itching & scratching?

Hi!  I’m Padme, Padi for short!  My name means “Princess of Compassion”!   About one year ago, I started itching and scratching and just could not stop.  Andy and Cindy (my dear owners) could not figure out what was wrong with me.  They felt bad for me because they love me and I felt bad for them because I would wake them up in the middle of the night scratching.  They had to take my collar off at night just so they could sleep.  But they were worried about me.  That’s when they met Wanda, Pack10 Owner!  We call her Aunt Wanda.  She explained to my owners that I was allergic to the food they were feeding me.  Aunt Wanda said I had developed an allergy to the food I was eating and just could not get any relief.  Plus, I had gained weight and we all know how that feels as a female to put on weight.


Andy and Cindy just could not believe the high-end, expensive, commercial dog food they had been feeding their sweet little princess was full of fillers and things they wouldn’t eat or wouldn’t feed their children, so why were they feeding it to me, their beloved dog?!?   They thought they were feeding me the best out there.  They switched me to Pack10 immediately!   Within one month of eating Pack10’s dog food, I was allergy free!  Yippee!  No more itching and scratching!  I lost all the weight I needed to, my coat was all shiny again and I stopped aging so fast!  I felt satisfied by my food was able to be active again!

So, if your owners think they are feeding you the best dog food out there, you might want to tell them to call Pack10 just to be sure!      

Thank you Pack10!


Padi, Andy and Cindy

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